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Internet of things

Intelligent objects (intelligent devices), secure data communication, worldwide management as well as centralizedand, to some extent, decentralized storage and data processing form the basis of the implementation. Reliable and secure systems on all levels are necessary for this. These systems must also offer low power consumption and computing power tailored to their application. Secure operating systems and software stacks together with dedicated applications, all being precisely customized to the hardware components used, are necessary for data management, service (including updates, worldwide management, etc.) and the needed security mechanisms.

We provide support when you implement your individual IoT solutions with the focus on hardware and embedded software (BSPs, drivers and software stacks).

The products and services we offer extend over the entire product lifecycle from conception to development, production and all the way to long-term service. Everything we offer is provided on a modular basis for subassemblies and complete devices and systems.

For customers who prefer their own in-house developments, we also supply pre-qualified OEM and ODM modules such as processor modules, hardware kits and modularly constructed system platforms. These help minimize cost and development times as well as the time and money used for certification and product maintenance.Here you will find even more details about the advantages of modular design.

We supplement our comprehensive development expertise in the IoT area in close coordination with the leading processor manufacturers such as Intel, Freescale and Texas Instruments. Cooperation with software partners such as Wind River and Sysgo also allow complete solution approaches for implementing IoT system platforms.

Learn more about 3Q’s existing products, modules and expertise in these IoT specialized areas:

  • Intelligent devices
  • Gateways
  • Data communication (routers & switches)
  • Visualization
  • IoT partners