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Building Automation

For our customers we partner with experienced software engineers to provide technologically enhanced and economically reasonable solutions in building automation

Regardless of the high degree of complexity (which tends to be a concomitant of the technological diversity), building automation needs to be simple and efficient no matter what size the project is. On top of all of this, people expect building automation tools to offer a built-in visualization coupled with accurate data logging functionality

Our smart products in distributed building control point the way to added efficiency in building automation. This renders complex building automation tasks easy to handle. With the engineering of smart buildings getting more and easier, more and more smart buildings will be built

Buildings cause approx. 40% of the world's energy consumption. Our commitment helps to reduce this consumption. This is a challenge worth the commitment.

It is also based on the awareness that you can achieve more when joining forces. In ensuring an adequate energy supply, smart building automation systems need to handle a number of different technologies and technical trades. For the systems integrator, this is a complex task to complete. Being a B-control Alliance member, 3Q TECHNOLOGIES has managed to reduce this complexity by a large-scale-integrated engineering component

However, the tool will not have proved its merits before most diverse building services components need to be incorporated into one efficient overall system. Common to all partners within this alliance is the awareness of the fact that the future of energy efficiency will depend on whether or not the related equipment will become easy to handle.

This is why we have combined our core competencies to ensure highest operational reliability and easy integration into the overall system. Our portfolio covers the whole product life cycle and involves planning, development, manufacture and long-term after-sales services.


  • easy to install into distributor systems
  • open to adaptations throughout the life cycle
  • easy engineering, reducing complexity
  • easy integration into SCADA systems
  • cuts electricity costs, maintaining high comfort