An Indian Company, providing full lifecycle embedded software and hardware development services

How 3Q Technologies work?


Our collective domain knowledge means that we can be sure to create a suitable solution for your development. We are technology agnostic allowing us to be creative with our technology choices to give you an edge in your market place. We have a pragmatic approach to software and hardware development allowing us to select the best solution.


Taking an idea from concept to production requires making numerous key decisions in methodology, architecture, technology choice, management and manufacturing

We have successfully taken many projects through this lifecycle and are in a position to assess your product and the available options, to ensure that we deliver an applicable and successful project.


We specialise in embedded systems utilising state of the art technology to create your bespoke solution. This expertise includes developing the embedded hardware and software and any PC tools or Server solutions if required.


Your system will be fully documented with software APIs and hardware designs described to ease handover of the project to your teams. All source code and hardware can be developed to our rigorous standards or to your favoured standards as required